Global Risk Miyamoto was formed specifically to provide the risk management community with accurately quantified site-specific risk identification and loss expectancies resulting from natural hazard perils such as earthquakes, windstorms, hurricanes, typhoons, and floods.

GRM staff has investigated most major and many moderate earthquakes that have occurred in the United States and abroad since 1971, as well as numerous hurricane, windstorm and blast disasters.  Our field investigations have produced firsthand knowledge of the problems caused by these hazards and the strengthening and construction methods that are effective in preventing damage.

GRM staff has identified and quantified the risks of many major corporations.  Our engineering analyses and recommendations address factors essential to sound business decisions, including possible business interruption, risk reduction objectives, and safety.  GRM has the technical knowledge, planning skills, and experience to assist corporate management in establishing, prioritizing, and implementing a realistic natural hazard risk control program.